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In the realm of Quantum Physics, observing something actually influences the process taking place. Quantum Mechanics is the understanding of how key parts of matter interact. The same holds true in Business Planning. It is critical for your organization to understand how the components of your business work, or don’t work, together to achieve your desired outcome.

At Quantum, we foster collaboration between your team and our Internal Practice groups, and strategists, to deliver a comprehensive solution to meet your objectives.

We begin by completing an assessment of your HR department. The assessment requires gathering information about the organization, the work groups, and individuals to be involved in the process; analyzing issues associated with the current practices; identifying gaps existing between the current state and the goal; and outlining what needs to be achieved in order to reach your end goals. We address the following areas:

• What are your needs and goals?
• What are the issues associated with your current practices?
• How big are the gaps?
• How to close the gaps?
• What is the financial impact?

We will help you identify the total cost of running the department and its programs, and ways to maximize efficiency. The following outlines the items to be reviewed in the assessment:


• What is the headcount?
• What are the roles? Is there any backup to these positions?
• What are their job responsibilities, the key tasks, and skill sets? How much time (%) do they spend on doing each task?
• What are the interconnections within the HR department and between departments (i.e. what tasks require input from other roles or external vendors)?

Once the assessment is completed the stakeholders will have a blue print of the department structure, strengths, weaknesses, gaps and a business plan with recommended changes or improvements and specifics on how to capitalize on department strengths.

Quantum evaluates your current HR processes and technology and then develops strategies to optimize efficiency in the department and integrate the solution across your entire organization. We utilize a combination of proprietary and non-proprietary technology, which are customized and integrated 360 degrees to provide for a comprehensive view of your organizations HR needs and your ability to be responsive and proactive.

This turnkey solution encompasses design, conversion and implementation of a system to enable the HR department to be more efficient and responsive to all stakeholders. Quantum’s unique value proposition eliminates the need to have multiple silo systems and vendors that cost more, provide less or no integration and become extremely difficult to manage thus reducing the value proposition.

Quantum provides state of the art technologies, incorporates the required integrations, provides an experienced team to perform the implementation and then provides the staff needed to manage and/or operate the HR department based upon your level of support requirements.