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The needs of business enabling HRIS systems are increasing as the role of HR continues to expand. To increase productivity while providing business insight and intelligence, businesses need to shift to  a strategic level organizational engagement approach. First, Quantum will provide you with one of our HR consultants to help your organization create a strategy that aligns with its objects. Next, your HR consultant will work with you to choose the best system for your organization. Lastly, we will implement and optimize all technology solutions across your entire business.

Areas of HR Technology we specialize in:

  • HRIS
  • FMLA Leave Tracking Systems
  • Compensation Management Systems
  • Benefits Administration
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Payroll
  • Recruiting & On-Boarding


“People Data”
Since there has been an increase in the uses of data in the practice of HR, there is more data-driven capabilities in HR Technology solutions. HR leaders should stay alert on data trends in the industry.

Retaining Top Talent
Many organizations have trouble engaging and retaining top talent. HR technology has a myriad of developing solutions to help HR professionals with recruitment problems.

Design and User Experience
HR Technologies need to be designed in a way that will be simple for all employees to adopt. It is important that HR Technology solutions meet consumer standards when dealing with layout, ease of use, appearance and length of time it takes to use.

Performance and Feedback
Up to date HR Technology will give you the ability to provide moving, real-time, feedback driven performance reviews. Performance management software supports these functions on various HR technology platforms.