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Organizations need to evaluate existing and ever changing regulations in a wide variety of areas. The impact of these compliance requirements places a substantial burden on firms to stay on top of these regulations such as: Affordable Care Act, Family Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Equal Employment Opportunity, Minimum Wage, Right to Know Act, etc. Staying up to date on these regulations can be time consuming and costly and yet remains a critical pillar of your HR responsibilities.

The cost of non-compliance can cripple an organization, and investing the required resources in non-revenue producing activities may not be practical which leaves an organization at risk. Quantum’s skilled HR team transforms your environment to deal with compliance requirements. Our team offers an expansive assessment process, provides the knowledge to gather relevant information and utilizes experienced judgment to determine whether events or processes comply with current laws, regulations or standards. The Quantum approach manages the burden that these regulations place on employers and assures compliance.