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Advantages of Quantum Wellness

1. On Site Wellness
With longer, stressful workdays it is hard to find time to achieve your wellness goals. Since employees spend a majority of their time in the office, Quantum Wellness’s on-site program will bring a higher level awareness to help achieve wellness goals.

2. Prevent Chronic Diseases
Chronic diseases are the most preventable type of disease and also account for 75% of total healthcare costs. Quantum Wellness provides actionable steps to prevent illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, obesity and cancer. If an employee can fully commit to the program, progress will be made.

3. Save money on Healthcare
Healthcare costs rise yearly and employees are taking this burden with higher deductibles. With employee participation in our wellness program, you can improve the overall health of all your employees and lower healthcare costs from the bottom line.

4. Fun
Quantum’s wellness program is designed to be fun, to drive engagement.  With our app, Employees can track their progress, win rewards for success, create customized goals to challenge themselves and educate themselves all in one spot.

How to Make Wellness a Successful Business Strategy

Your wellness program becomes a successful business strategy when it improves employee health and reduces health care costs. This can only happen when you use a wellness program that has both reach and impact. It must reach and help every employee adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. QS Wellness uses powerful incentives, marketing and technology to encourage every employee to engage. Health improves with participation in our wellness campaigns, challenges and wellness programming.


Personal Health Assessment

The QS Wellness personal health assessment is simple, user intuitive and captures several different behavioral and biometric risk factors. A user will complete our 34-question health assessment immediately after they register.

When an employee completes their assessment, they will receive immediate personalized feedback. With that feedback, they can set personal health goals or participate in behavior change activities tailored to their specific health needs, such as meeting with a health coach.

Online Program Center

After your employees have registered, they will be directed to our personal wellness program center. Each week, employees will have the opportunity to participate in simple behavior change tasks. Employees can track their wellness incentives, participate in challenges, campaigns, social media, even health coaching. They can also view the latest health news, videos and recipes. The program center is available online or via the QS Wellness App.

Behavior Change Campaigns and Challenges

Successful wellness programs improve employee health and lower health risks by helping employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. Employees get healthier when they participate in campaigns and challenges. Campaigns are 4-8 weeks long and challenges are two weeks long. Both are behavior change exercises that help employees develop healthy lifestyle habits. Each week, employees will watch behavior change videos, complete healthy behavior tasks and use behavior change books, tools or resources.

When each campaign concludes, employees can win incentive prizes and employees get a report of enrollment and completion numbers. Most wellness programs complete up to four campaigns and four challenges each year. QS Wellness offers over 30 behavior change campaigns and 50 two-week challenges to choose from.

Fitness Device Integration

QS Wellness My Tracker and other tools are integrated with several popular fitness devices. We synchronize with Fitbit, Garmin and Jawbone devices. We can also connect to over 100 other devices through a smart phone app called Map My Fitness. Once a user has registered a device with QS Wellness, we will use data from the device to track exercise for challenges, monthly incentives or whatever the administrator chooses.

Biometric Screening and Dashboard

QS Wellness can accept file feeds and biometric information from physicians, third party vendors and other third party sources. This data is then auto-integrated into the health assessment of users, so they can review their results and track year over year progress.  In addition to individual user tracking, QS Wellness will provide an aggregated report of the results.

Once the biometric data are integrated into the QS Wellness platform, the results can be used to drive program encouragement and participation in activities and programs that help them improve and understand their risk factors. Health coaching can also be offered to high risk employees.

Incentive and Activity Tracking with Rewards

QS Wellness Rewards is a powerful wellness activity tracking solution for companies of any size. All employees will have access to Rewards where they can track progress towards wellness incentives. Employees can verify they have completed wellness activities by uploading images with their cell phone. In rewards, employees can see the prizes or rewards they are working towards and get instant updates on their progress.

Whether you are just beginning a wellness program or have been doing it for years, we can help you build a wellness incentive system that helps your employees stay motivated.