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Quantum Strategies was founded to provide closely held and family owned businesses with strategic advice to help them solve complex issues. Initially, those issues were solely focused around the tax impact of the capital structure and the business succession plans. As we helped organizations to prepare for the eventual transfer to family members, existing shareholders/employees, or an outside buyer, we identified a recurring problem across the clients, irrespective of location and industry.

The issue was noncompliance with government regulations pertaining to having employees. The ever-changing regulatory burdens which were rearing up impacted the profitability and financial values of the enterprise. Our clients asked us for assistance to proactively address these issues before they impacted the organization.

Initially, we were retained by our clients to research these issues and develop solutions for them. The results of our findings weren’t that there was a shortage of advice from outside firms, but a serious issue of implementation slippage. Multiple vendors were operating in silo, providing under-staffed HR Departments with direction, which was poorly implemented, thus leaving the organization vulnerable to unnecessary liability. Compounding the problem was that most organizations’ systems were not fully integrated, and there was too much reliance on manual input, resulting in human error.

We initially hired one Senior HR Professional, and shared it among our clients. Quickly, this practice group has expanded to over 40 professionals and provides services ranging from HR Consulting to HR Transformation. We are agnostic to technologies and act as independent consultants to fully understand an organization’s needs and match them with the right vendors that are best able to handle the nuisances of their structure. We combined the best in breed technologies that meet their requirements and integrate them to provide our clients a fully integrated system.

From the integration expertise we needed to develop for our HR clients, we were able to launch Quantum Integration Services (QIS). QIS provides our clients with the ability to integrate all their legacy software across the entire enterprise, further reducing the cost structure and increasing profitability and efficiencies.


In the realm of Quantum Physics, observing something actually influences the process taking place. Quantum is the understanding of how key parts of matter interact. Combining these parts together make them stronger. The same holds true in Personal and Business Planning. At Quantum Strategies, we foster collaboration between our Internal Practice Groups, Strategists, and your team, to deliver a comprehensive solution to meet your objectives.